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This short guide will show you how to limit the seeding ratio in Deluge, so you can comply with our restrictions on public tracker seeding.

Ratio Groups

  • Start off by opening up your settings in rutorrent and clicking the Ratio Groups option.

  • Fill out the top one (or any other one if you wish) with the following settings and give it a name
    • The setting given will stop the torrent from seeding over 2 ratio.
    • You can choose any action to the torrent after it ha reached that requirement.
      • We recommend Stop as the action. This is for you to download the files to your PC
      • You can also select Remove to remove the torrent or Remove data to remove the torrent and its associated files
Min %Max %UL,MBTime,hAction
200200any value-1Stop
  • To apply this to torrents
    • Right click on the torrent you want to limit
    • Select Select ratio group and click your newly created ratio group
  • You can also set this to be done by default to all future torrents by using the Default ratio group option in the bottom right of the ratio groups screen
    • Select the number corresponding to the created ratio group. In this case, select 1 and click OK. 
    • Please note that setting this will restrict every torrent, private or public, in ruTorrent to a 2 ratio.

Using ExtRatio Plugin to automatically set ratio groups

You can also use ExtRatio to automatically filter and set future torrents to a certain ratio group or throttle group.

  • Install the plugin by running the following command
cd ~/www/rutorrent/plugins/ && svn checkout && svn checkout && cd ~
  • Then access ruTorrent interface and go to Plugins → Ratio Rules

  • Here, we want to set all future public torrents to be set to the created ratio group earlier.
    • Click Add and set a name 
    • On the If box, select All torrent's trackers are public from the dropbox
    • Then on Then box, select the public group created.
      • In this case, it's named Publics.
    • Confirm the changes by clicking OK.
  • When set, all future torrents from popular public trackers will be set to Publics ratio.

  • Should there be public torrents that are not throttled, it may be due to it not being included to ruTorrent's Public Tracker list.
    • You may have to manually add the tracker url by selecting One of torrent tracker's URLs contains from the Ff dropbox then input the public tracker's hostname.
  • You can also set the following in the If dropbox, according to your needs
    • Torrent label contains
    • One of torrent tracker's URLs contains
    • All torrent's trackers are public
    • One of torrent tracker's URLs contains
    • One of torrent trackers is private

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