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This short guide will show you how to limit the seeding ratio in Deluge, so you can comply with our restrictions on public tracker seeding. It is a little more complicated than Deluge and Transmission, how ever it is not that complicated.

  • Start off by opening up your settings in rutorrent and clicking the "Ratio Groups" option.

  • Then fill out the top one (or any other one if you wish) with the following settings
  • This will stop it from seeding over a 2 ratio.

Min %Max %UL,MBTime,h
200200any value-1

  • To apply this to torrents
you need to right
  • :
    • Right click on them and hit "set ratio group"
and assign
    • Assign it the one you set up.
  • You can also set this to be done by default by using the "Default ratio group" option in the bottom right of the ratio groups screen,
how ever
    • However, please note: setting this will restrict every torrent in rutorrent to a 2 ratio.