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A seedbox is a server, usually in a datacentre with a high speed internet connection, that people often use to “seed” torrents. Most people do this on private trackers to maintain a required “ratio”. This is the amount uploaded divided by amount downloaded. Some people just use them as an alternative to VPN for torrenting, as it can prevent you from accidentally seeding without your VPN if it was to disconnect without your knowledge.

Other Functionalities:

Media Server

Another common use for a seedbox is actually a Plex server. A lot of people use a seedbox as a plex server because 1) its online 24/7 and 2) the high upload speeds. Combine these with tools on your seed box such as Sonarr and Radarr, which automatically download TV Shows and Movies, and you can have a very powerful yet automatic plex setup. This are a fantastic set up and allow people you have a seamless, uninterrupted media server setup, to allow streaming to your devices. There are alternatives to Plex, such as Emby and Jellyfin. (Although these are not officially supported by Ultraseedbox yet)

Some people prefer to download the content locally and to watch it via their own methods. This is possible by downloading your files over access methods such as HTTPS or FTP/SFTP. For the latter, you need an FTP client such as Filezilla or WinSCP.


Also, another most common use of a seedbox is for a VPN. Most service providers allow you to connect to the box over a VPN protocol, which will funnel all your traffic through the box and then onward, masking your IP and location as a normal VPN.


Seedboxes are also commonly used for e-books. Apps such as ubooquity allow you to store them on your seedbox, and then access them and read them on any device. This allows for a seamless e-book experience, and you aren’t limited to any specific devices where the e-books are stored.

How do you control it?


The seedbox is usually controlled over a dashboard type interface that you are given by your selected seedbox host. From here you can usually see stats such as storage and bandwidth, and normally can install apps and then access them through this page. These apps include torrent clients, amongst other apps such as Plex, Sonarr, and even audio players like airsonic.


Another popular method is using a remote desktop client such as VNC which allows you to “connect” to your seedboxes desktop and control it like a regular computer. This is optimal in some cases where an app only has a functioning GUI and isn’t supported over command line.

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