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Order a slot

Add to cart your slot - 
It's possible to upgrade or downgrade your slots later whenever you want. We will manage data transfer for you at no additional costs.

Configure your order

  1. Choose Billing Cycle
    • 1 month cycle give no discounts but it's possible to combine this cycle with ongoing promotion
    • 3 month cycle gives 5% discount
    • 6 month cycle give 10% discount
    • 12 month cycle gives you 20% discount
  2. Configurable Options you may leave as is becasue traffic can be purchased later once you really need it. No need to purchase extra fraffic because all slots have great amount of traffic already included with it.
  3. Additional Required Informations These are your service access details username - do not use special character for username, only lowercase letters and numbers, do not use numbers for first character of username password - should be strong enough and not so easy to guess, good reading on how to make strong passwords that you can remember:
  4. Order Summary Check your order before you proceed, discount codes, if any, will be available in next step
  5. Continue

Your Details

We collect bare minimum of your personal details because your privacy is very important to us. We do not check for entered information so you can enter here almost anything you want just bare on your mind that you shoud provide valid email address because without valid email address it will be impossible to comunicate with you, You are allowed to use any email address you want just make sure that your spam filters are not to restrictive. Once you register for slot you should receive registration email from us. If you do not receive email from it's possible that your email information is incorrect or spam filters moved your email into junk sectrion

  1. First Name - it doesn't need to be your real first name, consider this as nickname so we can address you somehow
  2. Email Address - any email address is good, it doesn't need to be your personal email address if you want to have better privacy, good free email options:,, etc...
  3. Password - use strong password to prevent any unaothorized access to your billing/support area
  4. Country - your country of residence
  5. Promotional Code - if there is ongoing promotion you can apply that code to your order
  6. Notes / Additional informations - if you have any additional informations about your order that you want to provide. Since slots are provisioned automatically we suggest you dat any additional information you provider later via support ticket, fro example: transfer data from old service provider
  7. Payment Method - choose your payment option, at any time later you can change payment options directly from your invoice
  8. Checkout - once you agree with our Terms of service you will be able to proceed with checkout and finalize your order.


  1. Payment Method - Change payment option if necessary Various payment options are described here:
  2. Choose billing type
  • Checkout - one time payment, each time your service is about to expire you will need to manually pay the invoice.
  • Subscribe - thsi is automatic renewal of you service, once you want to stop renewal you simple cancle subscription from your payment processor or submit ticket and we will help you with cancellation. Renewals will continue automatically as long as you have enoungh funds on your

Once you clear the invoice you will received order confirmation on your email. Few minutes after order confirmation you will receive another email with your slot access details.

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