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What is the difference between Plex Optimized plans and Unmetered Bandwidth plans?
The Plex optimized plans are built with plex users in mind. They prioritise storage so that you can store your media on them.
The unmetered plans are built for people who care less for storage size and more for having high bandwidth usage. They do still support Plex, how ever.
It is worth noting, Unmetered plans usually have slight poorer speeds as they attract the higher usage users.

Are any BitTorrent trackers disallowed?
No, The only type of tracker we restrict is seeding to public ones. We ask you limit your public torrents to a ratio of 2. You can see how to do this on your respective clients here: Deluge, ruTorrent and Transmission

The download is unblocked though,so you are free to download as much from a public tracker as you wish.

Do you offer any trials?
We do not offer any trials, however if the service is not up to your standards, we will give you a pro rated refund within
your first 7 days.

Where are your servers located?
Our servers are located in the Netherlands

Can other users see my data?
Other users cannot see your data. They are all locked to their own user folders and cannot access anyone elses.

Do I get root? Can I install my own software?
Users are not provided with root. If this was the case, nothing would be secure. How ever, you are more than welcome to install
any programs in your userspace/Home directory by using your shell access, providing they do not abuse server resources.

Do you keep any logs of any kind?
No, we do not log anything that is not necessary. Anything that is necessary to be logged are wiped every 12 hours.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my slot?
Simply put in a ticket here and ask for the team to upgrade your plan to whichever you wish. Downgrade is not possible, you should submit a cancellation request and choose end-of-billing then open your order for your desired new service. If you want
data to be transferred, please ask the team to do so. They will be more than happy to! The data will be placed into a folder called "transfer" in your new slot. It is up to you to move this data to where ever you wish it to be.  

Can I change the username of my slot?
Unfortunately you cannot change the username of your slot.

Can I change the currency on my account?

No, this is not possible for technical reasons. If you wish to change your currency, I am afraid you will need register a new account.

Why is my slot suspended?
This is almost always down to a late payment. If you don't pay by your due date, your slot will be suspended. How ever this is easily
resolvable by paying your invoice as usual.

Can I make a late payment?
Simple. Just pay the invoice as you normally would. After you have paid your invoice, your slot will be automatically
reactivated by the script. This can take up to an hour so please be patient. If it does not occur in this time, simply put in
a ticket and explain your situation. The team will verify it has been paid and re activate it for you.

What is counted towards upload traffic?
FTP and Plex traffic is not counted. Traffic such as rclone and torrent seeding is counted towards your quota.

When does my traffic usage reset?
Your traffic will reset every month on the day you signed up. This date is shown to you in your User Control Panel.

Help! I have a 502 web server error
This issue is usually fixed by using the restart web server button from your Control Panel. Please click it and wait a few moments
and then refresh the page that you could not access. If this does not fix the issue, Try the reinstall web server option instead
and give it roughly 5 minutes to fully reinstall. Try the page again after this. If you are still facing issues, try contacting us on a ticket here, or try asking our community support in Discord.


Above FAQ didn't answered your question?

Open a support ticket and we will assist you with your question. Or you can use our discord to get the real time support, You can find discord details here.

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