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What is the difference between Plex Optimized plans and Unmetered Bandwidth plans?

Both series are build with different aspects in mind. Plex plans are designed with the streaming and speeds in mind, if you want to race on your trackers or want to have great Plex experience please choose for Plex Optimized plans as the users on these plans are bandwidth limited by us, which helps in keeping the usage under control and allowing that resource to deliver to other important things like Plex and high speed performance. Whereas, Unmetered plans are made for the people who wants to chill and do not want to worry about the usage, Unmetered plans are designed for long-term seeding and very fair Plex experience.

What do we recommend?

If you can handle the bandwidth limits, and Plex and high speeds is your priority - You can go for Plex series, or you have long-seeding requirements, we do recommend Unmetered series.

Plex Optimized plans are the best product we have ever sold, highly optimized and never run into any kind of congestion ever.

Are any BitTorrent trackers disallowed?

No; we do not block access to any BitTorrent private tracker. Uploading on public trackers are blocked but the downloading is allowed.

Do you offer any trials?

No, We do not offer any trials. But you can avail our 7 days refund policy. You can find our refund policy here.

Where are your servers located?

Servers are located in Netherlands, but our company is incorporated in Singapore.

Shared servers

Can other users see my data? Is my information secure?

No, others cannot see your data. Each slot is jailed to see their own files, not others. 

Do I get root? Can I install stuff?

No, you do not get root. If everybody got root, nobody's data would be secure and private. Without root you cannot install software server-wide, though you may compile software in your home directory using the provided shell access. Please check our <applicatios link> for list of available applications that you can install directly from Ultraseedbox Control Panel or directly from shell.

Do you keep any logs?

No, we do not keep any logs. If there is logging of any kind that we cannot avoid, those gets deleted every 12 hours. We keep extra precautions in this matter.

How can I upgrade/downgrade my slot? Is it possible to add more storage without changing plans?

Unfortunately, there is no way to add just the storage. If you want to add more storage, we will have to move you to other plan with your desired storage. 

Our upgrade/downgrade process is automatic right now, in order to perform this task you will have to open support ticket in your client area and let us know which plan you want to move to.

Please state if you want our support move your data or not. Please know that we can move data and torrents to your new slot, but It's not possible to move the configs and apps from your old slot to the new.

Can I username of my slot?

No, we cannot change username of your slot.

Why is my slot suspended ? 

99% of times problem is related to late payment. Please check your client area, if your invoices are paid, please open support ticket so staff can take a look into your account.

Can I make a late payment?

That's just fine. Open a support ticket letting us know and we can temporarily stay the slot's removal. Remember that slots are removed 7 days after expiration, but we can't hold them if we do not know that you will be late. However, we will not hold slots for long amounts of time. This is to be used if you have a paycheck a few days away, or you are having issues with the selected payment processor. The time that the slot is expired will be removed from the new billing cycle once you renew.


What is counted towards upload traffic?

Download is not counted of any kind, We do not count the traffic that is generated for the generic use like Plex, FTP, VPN or Proxy. But everything else you do will be counted towards upload traffic for example, rclone traffic or uploading to cloud storage.

When does my traffic usage reset?

Traffic resets on a monthly cycle starting from when you purchased the slot. Renewing the slot does not reset the traffic.


Above FAQ didn't answered your question?

Open a support ticket and we will assist you with your question. Or you can use our IRC to get the real time support, You can find irc details here.

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